Our Services

Routine X rays

          Xrays help us spot the start of any dental problems before they get too serious. They show the start of cavities between teeth and under old fillings that can be hard to detect with just a visual exam. They also can show bone loss, impacted wisdom teeth, infections, cysts, tumors, and even cancers.

The xrays we use at Agaram Dental Clinic are digital, which means we do not have to expose you to as much radiation as conventional xrays. We also have computer screens in each operatory so that we can take time to go through each xray with you.

Panoramic xrays are usually taken every 5 years. These xrays aid in determining the formation of wisdom teeth, health of the TMJ, and evidence of cysts, tumors or cancers. They are very important in the diagnosis of diseases, even on patients without any teeth at all!

Cephalometric xrays are taken only when a workup is required for orthodontic reasons. We  uses this xray to take linear measurements and angles to determine the source of your malaligned teeth or jaws.

Finally, we also have a state-of-the-art cone beam CT scanner near our Dental center. Because you are a 3-dimensional being, we want to diagnose in all 3 dimensions. Our cone beam scanner allows us to do this, with very low radiation. These types of xrays are going to be the standard of care in the future. But, at our clinic, the future is here now!